Our hope is this reading plan will help you focus your attention on the steadfast love of God in this important season, who we ultimately place our trust in. We celebrate Jesus’ first advent as a way of waiting and hoping for His second advent.

Sun, Dec 1st Mon, Dec 2nd Tue, Dec 3rd Wed, Dec 4th Thu, Dec 5th Fri, Dec 6th Sat, Dec 7th Sun, Dec 8th Mon, Dec 9th Tue, Dec 10th Wed, Dec 11th Thu, Dec 12th Fri, Dec 13th Sat, Dec 14th Sun, Dec 15th Mon, Dec 16th Tue, Dec 17th Wed, Dec 18th Thu, Dec 19th Fri, Dec 20th Sat, Dec 21st Sun, Dec 22nd Mon, Dec 23rd Tue, Dec 24th Wed, Dec 25th