Advent 2021

Happy Advent! Thank you for joining us as we prepare our hearts this Christmas season by slowing down to remember God’s faithfulness in the past; to anticipate God’s promises of the future and to realign our present hope on the coming wonder of King Jesus. The Advent season is a time for remembering and rejoicing, watching and waiting. Beginning four Sundays prior to Christmas and ending on Christmas Eve, Advent helps us prepare for the coming, or “advent,” of the Christ child at Christmas. This is what the advent season is all about!

Our hope is for this website to be a tool for you and your family as we celebrate this year. Each week we will be focusing on one of the main advent themes: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. You will be able to find weekly prayer focuses, fun family activities, serving challenges and all our social media events centered around each theme.

Another vital part of this guide is our daily Scripture readings. Our hope for this reading plan is to help you pay attention to the steadfast love of God in this important season and let that love reawaken the wonder of King Jesus, in whom we ultimately place our trust. We celebrate Jesus’ first advent as a way of waiting and hoping for His second advent. 

If you’d prefer a full PDF Guide for Advent, click here.