Keyword: Trust

Christianity is about a relationship with God. He is our father, our friend, and our partner. Pastor Jacob discusses what that partnership looks like in this message.

We should never cease to be amazed by the Grace of God in our lives; by His goodness and His active work through His Spirit in our lives, and in the lives of those around us. No matter how long we’ve been in relationship with God, how many miracles we’ve seen or answered prayers we’ve received, we will never reach the end of what God can do – which is exceedingly above what we can ask, think or imagine.

Pastor Jacob shares his and his family’s testimony through the miraculous journey of the birth of their son, Urias. In our darkest moments we cannot prepare enough or have the right words in our own power. We need to trust God’s love, His will and His Word. His Word gives us what to pray and our hope must be rooted in it.