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Our parenting sets the rhythms of our children’s relationship with God. We must carefully train our children to honor and obey, not treat them in such a way as to provoke them to anger. In this message, Pastor Duane shares 10 of the things we should avoid in training and correcting our children.

God blesses us through his promises because what he promises he delivers based off of his character, not our performance. Parents will bless their children the same way. In this message, Pastor Duane shares 7 key promises each parent should make to their children.

Jesus said that the meaning of all the law and prophets is contained in love God and love others as yourself. Parents need to keep it as simple as making sure their kids think through this lens. Instead of making an ever-mounting list of rules, simply ask is it kind, respectful and helpful.

God does not require or expect perfection from us. We need to stop demanding perfection from ourselves, our kids, and from others. There are 10 life skills no child or parent should be without. You can hear skills 1-5 in (Children As Arrows – Part 3 Survival Skills A)
In this message:
6. How to Repent and Forgive
7. The Power of Friends
8. Preparation for Marriage
9. Boundaries for Our Sexuality
10. How to Pray

The only safe sex is sex within marriage. Sex should be an expression of our love for one another. Sex is not love, but rather an expression of love. There is sex without love; but no love in marriage without intimacy.

There are three important things to remember about marriage and finances. Create and maintain a simplistic budget. While borrowing is not a sin; it’s not always wise. If you can’t be at peace without it, you won’t be at peace with it.

The journey we are on with God is progressive. We have to intentionally choose to use God’s Word as a mirror of the spiritual world. There are nine elements of change to help guide you on this journey of supernatural progressive change.