Keyword: Word

We are Made Right by God’s grace, not by anything we have done or not done. We cannot earn it, it is a gift we only need to receive. While we are not saved BY works, we are saved FOR works, because the world should see God through how we live our lives.

Pastor Jacob shares his and his family’s testimony through the miraculous journey of the birth of their son, Urias. In our darkest moments we cannot prepare enough or have the right words in our own power. We need to trust God’s love, His will and His Word. His Word gives us what to pray and our hope must be rooted in it.

Mind renewal is a journey. Everyone starts in different places and ways, but the concepts are the same. Start from where you are at right now. Remember, what you think about comes about. As you think, so you are. To renew your mind, you need to change your mind. Change does not mean wrong, it means different. Renewing your mind is bigger than right and wrong, good and bad, it’s about God and His ways, His word and aligning ourselves to mirror Him. What are you mirroring right now?

We choose to hear (Ask, Seek, Knock), he that has an ear to hear, let him hear. Paying attention to the truth (seed) making sure it is accepted not rejected. The Word (seed) will change us and our lives if we choose to hear, and understand, The Word and accept, and embrace, it as the final authority.