Devotional Category: Advent 2021

It was for love’s sake that God sent Christ to the earth, and through His birth, the entire world has the opportunity to experience love. We are participants in that love. We get to celebrate in that love. We get to share that love with this world.

As we reflect on the theme of love this week, would you take time to let this good news sink in and reawaken wonder in your heart? Just like a baby born in a manger, the love of Christ is simple, yet changes everything. May His love continually change our lives as we are being transformed by Him.

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The Christ child Jesus was born in a quiet, rural town in the middle of the night. The long-awaited Savior entered the world almost completely unnoticed by so many, yet his birth led to shouts of praise. This is often what joy looks like in our lives. A seed of hope planted quietly and sometimes unnoticed leads to an abundance of joy.

Despite what we are facing, we have the incredible opportunity to find joy in the midst of difficult situations. Joy is not centered around our emotions but around the seed of hope planted within. Let us be a people of Joy this advent season as we celebrate the fact Jesus came and will one day come again. May we share that joy with this world!

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As believers, our peace is not determined by the circumstances around us but by the peace within us. At the time of Jesus’ arrival, the world was in a place of confusion and darkness. Government leaders had issued a decree for the killing of innocent babies, slavery was common practice, and violence was considered entertainment for the masses. It was during that time when God decided to send His son into the world. His son was named the Prince of Peace.

We see many similar forms of darkness and confusion in our world today. The same way Jesus carried peace in His first coming, we know the Prince of Peace stands with us today. He has commissioned us as peace-carriers into our world, and we know He can give us peace no matter the circumstance around us. Let us allow King Jesus to fill us with His presence during this advent season as we celebrate the theme of peace this week.

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Our hope for this reading plan is to help you pay attention to the steadfast love of God in this important season and let that love reawaken wonder in your heart. We celebrate Jesus’ first advent as a way of waiting and hoping for His second advent. 

It is easy to lose sight of hope in the midst of a dark and broken world. Many of us have personally experienced much loss this past year and we can be tempted to allow the darkness of our world to cripple us into hopelessness and despair. This is exactly where the world was before the birth of Christ. 

This week, we are taking time to pause and allow hope to be stirred in us once again. Hope paints a picture of what’s to come. Because of the promise of a coming King, the people of God were able to keep hope stirred in the darkest nights of the soul. Because of the birth and resurrection of King Jesus, we now have a hope that extends far beyond this life, an eternal hope. When darkness and despair seem more real, may we allow hope to be stirred in us once again this Advent season.

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